In a frigid mountains of northern India, the road usually kept warm by a small clay pot, the coals on the lid and sealed. Then they get taught that technology around the pot and then use fabric towels again. When going out, they steal the incubators on the people to get warm. The man had three go to the temple. They should just go away from the road as they leave a vacuum and then go forward. In a long holiday, one of them saw some pedestrians twitched sit together cold.

He hastily opened the incubator to get fire out of his cage for bait their village for all people are warm. Once there, he has saved many lives nearly frozen to death in the cold cold night of northern India. Then the group hit the road again. Late night. The road never taken a dark starlight. Monday pedestrian open his cage heating to ignite the torch he was carrying. Light from the torch has helped the group who can hit the road safe. Third person laughed at two of his companions: “You are a bunch of crazy. There are shows every night is crazy to waste any of his fire like that.” Listen, they told him: “Let us see your fire.”

I open his cage warm out, alas, the fire took off from ever sip, leaving only a few pieces of coal ash flickering and dying. With its flame, one has to go warmth, the other for the light. Tuesday was the only person to hold their fire for the fire extinguished, but he will not get anything and it will not help anyone.

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