Excuse me …

Baby, maybe you do not write very well, do not know how to easily lead easy to understand as you read, so he always had the problem so, hope you sympathize …
Titus Dear stupid!

Maybe this time I’m drunk and everyone sleep it? Scattered in the street who was traveling in space and quiet of the night (which hours of the morning is probably sooner rather) the laugh said, calling each other, the sound of vehicles broke away peace to navigate to new things await us in the days to come.

Baby, maybe you do not write very well, do not know how to easily lead easy to understand as you read, so he always had the problem so, hope you sympathize (if still a chance I hope you will teach him more about how to write or offline).
Maybe I can still remember time he joked: “I went to high school, when I go to university, he began to consider the love dare.” And I replied to him: “He assured me only to learn now, not only think about love at all.” I said so and he is very comfortable with my words came. But this afternoon to talk with you, I was really shocked, so now I still can not understand why you feel so bad to the point! When I suggest something you have feelings for him he pretended not to know, but actually in my heart he was very upset. Embarrassed because he probably did not expect my feelings for him again so quickly, and both are worried for fear of bad things to you when you’re still high school – the age at which children should towards the innocent age of the pupil.

When I told a message to tell you one thing, really happy, but he pretended he did not know what you like because he was so sudden, so unexpected he must be avoided to something else and then that night he lay awake thinking of you forever. Do you know that? He is a guy that looks very masculine looks (which I also know that) but actually the inside is completely different. He lived nature of emotional, shy and emotion. Has the following quotation: “Do not hide the love and tenderness of her until you die. Make your life full of sweet, say those loving words when you hear and when hearts can be shaken. “
And he was prepared to welcome my feelings then, a vibration of life of a girl that makes me feel more honored and more desire to be loved to burning again! He has prepared quite carefully from words to action and will wait a day early to meet the sacred word “I love you” to me. But this time he is quite busy, I also want to quickly send words of love but scared at the same time will you feel happy or indifferent re-charge him with not having the ball I would say that sacred by phone so meaningful anymore? Is he is a perfectionist, assertive should have told me sooner, then he aimed at the perfect just because I thought I would feel happy.
For today when he told you that:
“… Let me see you smile to those he loved life more
Tell him the kindness to my heart are warm
Let me hold her hands gently lean back with this
gentle eyes Give me your heart for peace. “
Then I answered him that” I others have accepted the invitation because he did not say earlier …”!!!
Sorry for not being able to walk along side me on
voyage of life
Maybe so, he has come too late cause I can not wait any longer, but love is like any other normal to it, should also have a very sound foundation, but if not, how is it overcome the storms and challenges of life?

Baby, do not understand why since yesterday afternoon when talking to me now I feel sad and think so much. Until this day he really is reviewing this myself. He was really disappointed, but not disappointed that I was disappointed in himself. You always make me sad, always makes me disappointed. May also be because he was young child You’re so young and too selfish, or at a weird hobby – like teasing someone? Also I have to apologize because he sometimes did not respect the interests of children, said the nasty things anymore; so that he forgot that he was very angry when people say bad team loves Manchester United His quarter. Do not you wish you will give him more opportunities, but I just hope you forgive me for all of my heart still exists, his silhouette. I’m sorry for not being able to walk along side me on the voyage of life.

Then all will be over and you have new life, last greeting to you ” I love you “…!!!

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