Easy and difficult

is easy when you have a place in a person’s address book, but difficult when you find a place in the hearts of people.
easy to assess the mistakes of others, but hard to realize his own mistakes.
easy to say without thinking, but it was difficult to learn to control his words.
easy to hurt someone you love injured, but hard to heal wounds.
easy to forgive others, but hard to do for others excuse me.
easy to set out the principles rules, but hard to follow them.
is Easy when the dream every night, but hard to fight for a dream.
easy to show victory, but hard to see a failure.
easy to encounter a rock and fell, but hard to get up and move on.
easy to promise something to someone, but hard to fulfill that promise.
is easy when we say that we love, but hard to make others feel like every day.
easy to criticizing others but hard to improve yourself.
is easy to happen when wrong, but hard to learn from their mistakes.
easy to upset because of something lost, but hard to care enough about it to not to lose.
easy to think about one thing, but hard to stop thinking and start acting.
easy to think badly of others, but hard to give them confidence .
easy to get, but hard to give.
easy to read these things, but hard to you make it.
If opportunity does not knock on the door forever You should see a door you have not already built …
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