Do you believe in love?

Love a person does not mean they themselves must take hold and begin their afternoon in what they want. She wanted to fly with wings of freedom and solid pedal, that’s for another faith. So you believe someone you love like?
1 / You can put full confidence in love?

* Rarely * Frequent * Always

2 / You can listen to and sympathize with people who love?

* Rarely * Frequent * Always

3 / Are you sorry who love each doing something wrong?

* Rarely * Frequent * Always

4 of you who love to share with the difficulties you encounter right?

* Rarely * Frequent * Always

5 of the same people who love you to places you love?

* rarely often * * Always

6 / You say what you do not like where the love?

* Rarely * Frequent * Always

7 / lover you confess with your weaknesses?

* Rarely * Frequent * Always

8 / Do you share Share the dreams, dreams of you with love?

* Rarely * Frequent * Always

9 / Do you have good thoughts about your ?

* Rarely * Frequent * Always

10 / You can do what lovers say without knowing the reason?

* * * Frequent Rarely Always

11 / Do you believe in love Friends?

* Rarely * Frequent * Always

12 / Do you think people love reliable?

* Rarely * Frequent * Always

13 / You have to plan specific to the future of the two?

* Rarely * Frequent * Always

14 / Are you definitely feel the love of two people?

* Rarely * Frequent * Always

15 / Can you speak with love about the results of tests like this?

* * * Frequent Rarely Always

Scoring: rarely (0 points), regular (1 point), always (2 points):

From 0-9 points: You are always skeptical. You could not trust anyone other than themselves. Please change, if not your life would be all the fear and suffering. Then you will not be able to love anyone.

Between 10-15 points: You often have fears, doubts with his lover. That may not pass because you love him wholeheartedly. When you really love them, you will believe everything and steep heart, joy and sadness.

Between 16-24 points: You respect and love quite believe her. However, there is nothing you need more honest with her lover. People know where you can share your love and help you solve problems there.

From 25-30 points: You are a lover of his trust 100%. Two people always trust each other and share all the problems in life. With the trust and respect him, love the two of you will on a more sustainable and to produce abundantly. Congratulations for your love! According to the survey, with 37.5% of you trust completely to her lover; 20.8% as you claim … do not believe; 33.3% said it was not a lover, and 8.3% have no opinion. However, 53.3% have children you approve of the opinions I trust 100% in love.

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