Do not sobbing my heart again …

Since I know, I have a new habit, the habit of watching the rain. Perhaps by now you wish to be like sky, is crying very comfortable … But you can not, I can not cry for a new friend is his colleague. He is, why you should stop crying because he had not he

Reason told me but my heart did not listen, still shiver when I see him though always protect your heart please do not beat.

I just want to hold your phone and press “send” to send the message to him, but the reason why you may still alert enough to know that can not be like that. I click “save” to save to your inbox, I see it as a way to relieve you may be so these days my heart. Because I do not know who said the same when you’re inside there are too many waves, when your heart keeps sobbing.

I am afraid that when they hear that people will look down on me because I have a boyfriend yet again before his weak heart. I fear the eyes of everyone, and above all sad eyes, you are scared of him half-a-half – love, you learn how long people’s children.

“Rain rain Hue very dear
But a white rain sun Thua Thien “

Now the new children poignant sadness of the rain Hue. I wedged ourselves in blankets, eyes closed, to find sleep. I want to wake up I’ll forget it all.

… May the new year so my heart will not beat, no rhythm before his fault. Wish him a happy new year, happy that he knows where to find a rowing boat to keep the emotions of the children were standing still.

Heart please do not beat anymore.
I have long dreamed a dream, woke up only.

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