Do not believe in the promise …

Then one day to another couple of things no one says anything, himself understood to his first love. And it seems to me time has passed so quickly, then, is why you are so fast! Each day to gradually drift as in the heart was fading is a sad love story vanish. And then when he realized we were separated for so long, they’ve lost each other then.

Every generation that tried to read, love each other to be what takes over?, to get confidence back is a heart breaking to have to hurt him. Promised to do so themselves spending far apart and back together again forget to take, because love is so?

The promise was fixed long time, together with each other for life, but do because it also lost each other. If so must promise to do more, if you love to be’s it, just ask one time …
Sure I still remember the days when old as his longer together, but he has said in the oath first, I will always love each other forever after as the thousands of tales full of color, so that now people do not know under what it had flown away. A lasting love, a beautiful love, when he fell in love then love will not like this but where, I promise to spend it alone, you keep promises, and love to fly, and we again separation …

……………………….. Come For The Promise of Happiness ..
love is the wrong choice or not postponed due to his leg, will not be any doubt as to love quickly. Then whenever the two of us today have only one person, only you love! Fatigue during the period when we are together for so long believed, and then one day I’ll have another. Would wait to read when he saw today was that I did not love long.

Every generation tries, love each other to take anything, to take back a broken trust . So just forget roii promised to take, because love is so so.

The problem as promised, together with each other for life, but do nothing because it also lost each other. If so have promised to do when you love to be read as that, just ask one time …
vague promise that you let people have the dry, vaguely promise to break faith now disappear in the dream, I love you always honest, but why do it in exchange for a Foolish heart, my heart is very sore now, I’m not sure, a promise of happiness, I will always hold but you then have to remember things they have given, the words of the old love sweet, just like stars.

……… Word of promise, so why is over?
By Kay

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