Dear husband, I love you so ….


This time I’m really miss you, I miss you too boy. I wonder why anymore. Maybe this life I do not see much in love with someone like that. I’ll always remember you, I just want as wife and lover forever only.
I know what a joy, a joy when I’m in full party. You know what it means loneliness, sadness, pity when they are away from me. My friends every day, everyone is afraid to see me on my first day on a ball, they did not know that I’m in love, being happy because I loved him and loved him. You know, I always think of him, thinking the moment we are together, miss you like air, like water, like a something very obvious.

I’m think, not know that God brought me to come to me or God brought him to me again. You’re really happy to have him with you, when you love, care concerns.

Page that you feel he has two weeks away, 15 days is the day that you live in How sad feeling happy, but I was not a regret because I love him, because I chose a place he hopes to recommend how, I’m not mistaken when he was selected for its mainstay.

This afternoon I crying because I miss you can you busy lu bu how many stories did not notice the message or call me. I was angry with him, but he has told them their first ever angry with each other, so that you know, I have never been so angry with his first 2 minutes! Hey now, I do not mind that the tears flow, I love me more than that, he had to work to get money to go to visit you. I remember one question he said: “Love a person make him comfortable for mental and physical” … I believe he is trying for it …

Huy I love you very much sir, I love you with all your heart, with everything you have.

Have you ever thought about you and remember you as you now is not it?

Thousands of thousands of words can not say all this love. Well, you know, just simple I love you! He also loves me!

By Nguoidensau

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