Dac Nhan Tam – Part I, Chapter One

Part I The basic techniques to guide the people

Chapter One Wants a secret not to destroy the hive Chapter One

May 7, 1931, ten thousand people at the foot of New York (New York) was the hunt of a directory file vibrant than ever. One hundred and fifty soldiers surrounded a police unit to catch this city map is also carrying two of his six-gun. They climbed on the roof around and used tear gas and more than an hour, a beautiful area of ​​New York and gunfire rang out the word “clicks” of the joint hearing. Crowley hide behind the chair cushions cotton, soldiers fired back constantly.
When he caught it, the police chief who declared: “It’s the most dangerous criminal class. He wanted to kill people was killed, not for a reason at all. ”
But the sinner, Crowley, y y introspection like? To find out, read later found that he has resisted the soldiers have to write back to life “The pressure of this class, our heart beats, tired, but injured people, one does not want to hurt anyone.”
not want to hurt anyone! Yet a few days earlier, when a soldier approached police to ask medical health license to drive, the medical discharge at a gun range, killing him instantly. A murderer is not such a hideous blood but also show themselves “compassionate heart, no one wants to harm anyone.”
Before electric chair to sit in the examination martyrdom Sing Sing, y longer than: “I only safeguard that people treat me like that.”
That is in intensive care medicine, did not receive certain medical guilty.
You will say: “So it is only guess, but one is so strange anymore.”
No, sir you: number one enemy of America. Al Copone, the party called for the European robbery did a horrible Chicago, also said: “I have used the most beautiful years of my life to entertain for the galaxy, so that reward is being insulted and being ready shoot as the beast. ”
But the Dutch Schluts, one of the most dangerous robbers in New York also announced to journalists that he is a benefactor of the galaxy.

Vienna medical director of Sing Sing Mr Lawes, written “in Sing Sing, the criminals are free to have their ordinary life mood at all. It logically explain, why they forced safes or trigger .. . and declared that they were imprisoned was unfair. ”
If the three robbers, and they are in miserable road examination, self such innocent people we encounter every day, on the streets, all of you again, me included, we How?
So John Wannamaker, a great merchant, once confession: “Over 30 years, I understand that the criticism did not benefit at all.” He soon understood that lesson. For me, I’ve struggled in a third century before seeing the light come out of this truth, “Although we have serious problems to the head, then out of 100 times, up to 99 times it is free for is innocent. ”
Criticism is futile (it makes those who have criticized resist and defend himself) but also dangerous hatred. Moreover, those who have criticized the vicious nature will only retain it, as his Minister of Interior General Albert Fall, for which bribes 100,000 e sword gun crackdown who bullied, after accidentally broken, was sitting examination and make public resentment national government, Republicans narrowly, President Harrding tormented anxiety to wait at the death the following year. Yet, when the health authorities took advantage of trust rambutan jump up, crying smooth glide, turn the pen off your hands, wash away, shouting “No, no! My husband does not reflect anyone else. There is a building full of gold nor is my husband’s charm. My husband was one response.

human mood is like that. People who do bother enough people complain, but never blame him at all . You like that which I also like that. So from now on, whenever anyone wanted to criticize, we should remember two robber Capone and Crowley, to utter one word of criticism, as well as pigeons, how now it’s back to back. Who are we critics will find reason to be proud of all repair and charged me again.
As Abraham Lincoln understood so he has to leave the title as a financial guide frustrating the public in the history of mankind. In his youth warmly criticized anyone, even to write worship like to humiliate and bring people to throw the same way for the reader smile playing galaxy. One time because of that habit, almost causing a sword fight. From there he did not use the lenient with people. His motto is: “Do not consider who, if we do not want people to reconsider it.”

In North Vietnam war, a military defeat of the South, ran to a river at night, because the storm surges that could not last well. He hit wire, and then want to make sure more , ordered the immediate protection of the North attacked the northern security forces immediately attacked the South led by General Lee. But Meade hesitated because the delay had the opposite effect and ordered his army to the south excess occasions the water level down, but escaped across the river, missed unique opportunity, because only one game that can stop the North South thorough …
Mr Lincoln angry, la “land sky thick, so mean? “
coal with child Then he said:” The enemy was in our hands but let it escape! In that situation spells anyone can beat Lee. that if parents were present, surely his father had won it! “The burning function he wrote this letter: Dear General

realize I do not believe that the General Lee is likely to escape any harm! Y in the hands of our military, and because he has failed many times, if hit right then and there is only one game to end the war. Now, it extends to not ever know. Monday, Mr Lee did not win the pot, now he has crossed the river, where his forces could only two-thirds of that day, the pot was made y soa straight anymore?
Occasions …. may be a thousand years of his childhood is over and not Who found floating offset his suffering is over and no one found floating my sorrow!
But that letter, the letter shall be so gentle, he wrote it without posts. After his death, the It was found in his papers.

So maybe he thought to himself: “Let’s drill, wait a bit … Do not rush. I sat peacefully in the White House is that it is easy to order. But if we had this week, we saw blood, I heard the screams of the wounded soldiers, or dying, then perhaps we do not actively attack the enemy too. Furthermore, if we have the Meade’s timid, we also act like him. Well, that was so then, say in vain. Send this letter away, although we can hustle a little angry, but Meade would charge me again, generating discord, resentment, lost his confidence going, and who knows he does not resign, “he said.
As for his experience that these words have a serious responsibility not benefit at all.
Mr. Theodore Roosevelt said that he was back as President, each having the difficult, often leaning back in chair look up a picture of Lincoln on the wall and wondered: “Lincoln at their local service, will behave like? Resolving the stars? “.
We, too, next time you want to” spend “one, unplug the sheet of paper five dollars in that pocket watch of Lincoln on it and then ask yourself,” at the local are we, Lincoln behave like? “and want to change people, let us first amendment. So … more profitable and less dangerous.

Confucius said: “When the door is offended then do not do processing on the snowy roof.”
In my little cocky too. A letter was received a few more words: “this letter read to the people we write , which is not seen again. “the word
s I like it because I find it gives us a few looks from a busy and important work. Then one day, want to face with a novelist, he wrote to toio and also he added the words. Novelist to return the letter and added: “Only the stupid was his last for his rudeness with it.”

Spoken I was rude and that criticism is not deserved. But because I’m just a guy who I found really humiliating and quiet resentment that the novelist is so ten years later, when he died or something I do not regret a talent that he has only to remember the hurt feelings of my heart.
So, you want people to die miserably, use caustic criticism. But no should remember that humans are not always rational first. They act, think in feelings, prejudices, every heart a flame, but your arrogance of man is a gunpowder store, met all explosive, planted deeply damaging.

Bengamin clumsy handling Fraklin childhood and later how good it was appointed as U.S. ambassador to France. The secret of success is not going Never criticize anyone else, and only sincere praise and a powerful new self.

Carley said: “For anyone considering the amount of just watching the behavior of that person with who the “. What would have charged, critics who think we ought to try to understand them, find the causes of their behavior. That is the source of sympathy, tolerance and harmony is good.
other God but Germany waiting when people die and then consider the crime. Why do we human being as more severe than him?.

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