Confided to send me

far you i miss you so much. Pm as the rain makes me miss you more, I know you too …

Time and distance have always made themselves apart. Whenever the children, he wanted to stop time for him with me longer, but does it have passed quickly. Now, when he missed you, you want me back then as if time stopped. What do you know that? Because I love you stupid sir.

It has been nearly three years since she walked into his life, he is very happy to be loved and accepted an innocent love of children. I had to come to me when I’m lonely and miserable. You told me based on my shoulders, to his joy, for he understood the meaning of life for me through everything. Period not it beautiful? And also time to distance, each one a place to cultivate knowledge of life concerns for the future.

Far I can not touch that makes me miss you so much, not when he I forget. Maybe then, I would appreciate you, then you’ll think you’ve forgotten me, right? Sure I was very sad? Both want to leave because he could not take care of my side is. I do not think a little girl like you have really good stamina. I still want to party when he insisted he leave. He really heartbreaking to see children suffer, he went back to try to compensate for them. Everything is over, you and I love each other more and more until you say: “Before you say you love me just a joke.” My heart hurts because I got cramps in his feelings as a joke. He lost all faith in them because this is not the only time you do so.

Love we passed peacefully but sometimes it ripples, but do you love more only together …

Again you say goodbye so in love what could be a lie, a lie that it began to love us. He wondered that love can be sustained reasonable? He did not leave like you said just because he knows it must do both suffering and love can forgive. Moreover, I am not without fault with me. After a sad story, he understands me better and closer. His love of them passed peacefully but sometimes it ripples, but do you love each other as only. I contacted and met more than before but more so he would miss me, the more that is not enough. He is too greedy not?

Every thought of you, I’m very pleased and happy. After what has passed, sad happy memories, I feel I love you more than ever. Promised himself he would never leave, not make you sad, to cry for him anymore. Certain that he will do so. Private pictures! You are all for him, the joy, happiness and his life. He will not lose them. Be always with me as I’ve ever done. Let me share a path step to overcome challenges to reach the shore me my happiness. I love you forever and so …

* * *

silence The ending love

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