Art was not the 2nd appointment

accepts to go out with people, but the date is not feeling excited. “Certainly this is not the person I was looking for”, the following suggestions to help you craft a “stop” everything that does not make the opponent lose heart.
Make it clear

… for your comments, but the tone is polite and direct. Thank that person for the evening for you, but explain that you do not want this relationship further. Must stand before his message again.

Handling wisdom

If the pressure force you to say Reasons why not interested in dating him, you need to resolve the situation skillfully, it is not rude. Where he is being bad, you do not need formal, be flatly rejected.

Give reasonable explanation

Please give a truthful explanation. Simple as: “I do not think our relationship is right.” Do not suggest anything you can not perform like “I’ll call you later” (although you certainly never called back) if not both be awkward, confused.

Do not overreact

When subjects do not behave good with rejection of you, he may feel hurt. Control yourself, calm and try to understand the situation. Assuming he continues to send mail, reply with a neutral, polite. If the messages continue to be sent to you please ignore it. Behave similar to the phone directly.

Do you refuse to shake hands

If denied saying that he wanted to do you, so cleverly refused. You need time to refresh your relationship, because dating is to find the wounded, not looking for a friend. Where he is honest, well you should consider about it.

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