Are you Being The Shadow?

From the first meeting, he could not hide his feelings, his eyes look at me like a fire makes your face hot flashes. I do not when you have none of despair or doubt in my love. All new integrity and how magical!

I overflowing happiness in love. Every day children are silently thank God brought him to me, like Cinderella meets the prince in the fairy. He is a man that I know best. I started dreaming about our future …
And yesterday, the first step to his room. The first time he did not wear one of his directors. I like innocent little bird into the garden promises a lot of fun. When discovered he was adept guitar recorded through the photos from the competitions he has participated. I felt like she was forbidden fruit Eve take of God, eagerly asking him a guitar for music with a word of blame, so he never Support Forum before you?

” No my dear I want something, but he also burned his guitar playing vowed never again … because … I can not. ” I never like that! How could you refuse me? If only she did not seek an explanation, so I never thought I was a shadow …

I love! I know he was extremely painful to lose the girl he loved. She had an accident during his welcome when he brought the guitar home to the party. I understand why, when in love, though busy to where he has not let me drive alone. He also made a deal, every two hours as he or she will call to inform me where you are … The pain haunts him during the past 5 years. I love him and infinite pity for her!

But you have to do it, when occasionally he called you by another name, not your name? What should I do here, if you like yellow roses, which he used to give you purple orchids? … When will you will hear the sound of him again?

Friend told me should not be “jealous” with the dead, you can hold in your happiness. And you, too, he always asserted that I love you, I just love this life you …

With children, he remained a perfect man, a prince of hearts themselves. I believe he can do it all for you happy! Only one thing, my heart is bleeding when I think a shadow! You should get out of the shadows, he loved to his own way?

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