30 seconds enough to do?

Suffice to say a greeting and a handshake.
offline Enough to send a few lines for parents.
enough for dozens of children raised eyebrows at first glance …

crestfallen enough to recognize old friends.
scared enough to yell for a ghost story.
Enough to wet a shoulder at
apart enough to write an apology hung theater …

plasmid enough to get into cells able to load enough
milk for a laugh loud humor story
enough to punch a candy
enough to appease the poor hands as a promise

enough to perform surprise missions fist warning!
enough to look and guess
enough to hold it tight enough to kiss

deep enough to punch each other apart

enough to pat the shoulder,
a devout enough to ignore someone who does not want to know
Suffice to say a rejection

enough to see a wave of people going away
Enough to hurt forever …

sign out enough to not even hear a word of explanation …
30 seconds, not least at all, enough to a lot of things.

If you in 30 seconds, I do not know what to do. Sure will … play instead of hitting a friendly greeting.
But you, if you have me in 30 seconds, 30 days what would you do?

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