10 facts about love

You think that is to sacrifice myself to do anything for love. To show love, and one must give “the other” end? The truth is not it?

1. Love does not hurt. Physical abuse or emotional are not sure that constitutes love.

2. Love is not pressure. You should not use love as a “privilege” to force others to do what you want. Never use tactics: “He / she would do it if you really love you.”

3. Love is a strong desire to be of interest to someone you love and will always be.

4. Despite the fact that with love you always put the happiness of someone you love on top, but this did not mean never forced to compromise with elements contrary to your true nature.

5. If someone wants you to do something that you do not want just to show your love, they do not love you the truth. When people really love each other, they never ask someone you love is to sacrifice part of themselves in the name of love.

6. It’s easy to confuse love and desire. True nature of love is sincerity and harmony, not attractive in appearance.

7. Two romantically occur simultaneously is entirely possible, as well as you can love both parents, his same time. But do not forget that the true nature of love is sincere, because you certainly can not be the same “love you best” (no one is “second” at all) with two people at once. So, be honest and delicate dilemma if this happens to you.

8. Sex is not love. Love is not sex. Although sex can be a part of love, but it never is “boss” at all.

9. Romantic love can (and often) fade. When it goes, often can not find any reason. When someone does not love you, this does not reflect the value of who you are.

10. Love gives you the feeling of happiness, peace of mind and be respected.

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